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12/18/18 at 21:46:22 


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Zkit60 (indirectly) reviewed by Audiophilia (Read 272 times)
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Zkit60 (indirectly) reviewed by Audiophilia
09/14/18 at 20:11:49
The Zkit60 is the baby brother of the Vision Set 400 now being sold by Audio by Van Alstine.  Differences are that the Zkit60 is 60wpc, not 225, and the Zkit60 is not recommended for 2 ohm loads.

Audiophilia's review of the Vision Set 400 can be found here:


Bottom line: The Vision Set 400 so impressed the reviewer that it is going to become part of the reviewers reference system.


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Re: Zkit60 (indirectly) reviewed by Audiophilia
Reply #1 - 12/05/18 at 03:41:30
low output impedance isn't everything... I'd be surprised if the ZKIT60 didn't actually sound better.  Very surprised.

If you're a serious audiophile who wants to solder your own amplifier and needs power... you're going to go with solid state because tubes would be prohibitively expensive.  This is one of the more rare good sounding solid state amplifiers that even a tube guy would have no issues listening to and utilizing.

To be honest, the only thing the tube amps that have no negative feedback do better than this is image and they can be voiced with different tubes.  Those two things are why tubes always win, however when you want a similar sound but 60 watts of it for less than a grand, well dream on...  until whoops, what's this,  on the Decware web site.. Makes you wonder how it would compare to other popular solid state offerings, like PS audio and others doesn't it?

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