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02/18/19 at 02:01:23 


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Hum with Audioquest Nighthawks connected to Torri (Read 518 times)
Lawson Kelley
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Hum with Audioquest Nighthawks connected to Torri
07/11/18 at 12:39:04
I just got a used Toriii Mk IV and wanted to try connected my Audioquest Nighthawks up to it. I email Steve and he suggested connecting them in a balanced fashion, so I created a simple set of balanced cables that run from the mono jack on each can and attach to the speaker terminals. I also have a Zbox feeding the Torii from my streamer and am using the gain knob on it to keep the Torii from overpowering the cans.

The good news is that the sound is very good. The bad news is that there is a hum when I turn the volume down all the way and I can still here it on quiet tracks. I don't have any hum on my Klipsch Heresy speakers and I am disconnecting them when I listen to my cans.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this hum? Seems like the cans are just 25 ohm speakers so not seeing why they could have this terrible hum.

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Re: Hum with Audioquest Nighthawks connected to Torri
Reply #1 - 07/12/18 at 01:34:45
Not exactly the same thing, comparing speakers to headphones. One reason that the hum may be there is that consider that the headphones are right up against your ears. I do not get noticeable hum from my Decware amp through my speakers, but as you mention, with headphones there is a hum. In my case, it may be a matter of adjusting the resistor value that is connected at the amp binding posts to protect the headphones in the first place. If you haven't done this step already, consider yourself taking a risk with your headphones with a direct connection.
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