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08/18/18 at 11:25:58†

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OK Finally All In... (Read 240 times)
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OK Finally All In...
06/11/18 at 00:29:57
My headphone rig for several years has been a CSP3 -> Taboo UFO. Dynamic, planar, Senn, ZMF, Oppo, Beyer. Iím not a good enough writer to put into words how Decware gear has made my listening better. Itís made my life better actually. It feels weird but correct to write these words so Iím going to leave that in.

Just pulled the trigger on a ZMA. Really looking forward to taking the next step on this journey.

Thereís a well known guy on this forum that has kindly answered my questions elsewhere about his Decware experience. @Lon for whatever itís worth just want to say thanks for that, really appreciate it.
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Re: OK Finally All In...
Reply #1 - 06/11/18 at 00:48:14
ZMA ordered! Congrats! (And you're always welcome for any help).

CSP preamps to Taboos is great sound!
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