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06/20/18 at 12:32:59 


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Treatment advice (Read 174 times)
Scott in mich
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Treatment advice
06/03/18 at 15:58:16
Got my first post out of the way, so on to some specific questions.

Attached, hopefully, is a jpeg waterfall of my room. Looks like I've got some work to do.

It's a small room 14.75ft by 11.67ft by 7.46ft.

Was thinking about some GIK scopus T40's since they have a range of about 30-60hz along with some tri-traps in the corners.  GIK has options of range limiters and diffusion for most of their products and I wasn't sure which way to go with that.  Also some 242 panels for the side walls - again with or without diffusion I'm not sure.

A company call audimute makes some ceiling tiles. I would post a link but I'm not allowed yet.  I'm in the basement with a drop ceiling and these would be great assuming they were effective. I can do almost half my celing for about $350.  Anyone tried these?

I've got about 1/2" foam covering a cement floor with two 5x8 area rugs over that.  Not worried about the floor at the moment.

I had a bunch of stuff in my cart a couple times, but didn't pull the trigger. I guess I'm just looking for some assurance that I'm making the right choices and the sound will improve significantly.  The system sounds bright/harsh, thin and generally not listenable at all.

Also, once I treat the room will I need to change that if I get different components later - like after my SE84UFO or DNA's show up?  

thanks for your help.

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Lonely Raven
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Re: Treatment advice
Reply #1 - 06/10/18 at 06:05:17

The nice thing about room treatments is you're treating the room, not the gear in the room. So you might need to move it around a bit to account for different reflection points of speakers...but the fact is the room will still have the same dimensions and same problems.

The guys at GIK are good people, I've chatted with Glen and Ethan a few times comparing notes on diffuser builds, and I got to manhandle some of their gear at the last Axpona audio show in Chicago - very well made stuff! So give them a call and ask them for guidance.

IMHO, you need *both* absorption and diffusion. For them to be effective you need to cover at least 25% of your rooms boundaries - so a few will make slight dent, but it takes several to really make a difference.

Also check out Dennis at Acoustic Fields - he's got lots of great videos on youtube and his devices are some of the best I've ever seen. Expensive though.

Good luck! And I have to say I'm super excited to see you doing measurements!
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Jeff of Arabica
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Re: Treatment advice
Reply #2 - 06/10/18 at 23:42:15
Artnovion is worth a gander as well.  I have a few of their absorption and diffusion panels.  

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