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06/27/19 at 07:41:59 


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My Can System (Read 973 times)
Delta 77
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My Can System
05/10/18 at 05:25:04

I really don’t listen to my Headphone System all that much..
But when I do,, I’m pretty satisfied with it..
These are my first headphones , along with my first headphone amp..
ZMF “Auteur”
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DECWARE (csp3-25th)
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Cullencable Loom (silver coated copper)
ZMF ”Auteur” (headphones)
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Jeff of Arabica
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Re: My Can System
Reply #1 - 05/10/18 at 06:19:39
My introduction to Decware was through Zach, at ZMF.  He turned me onto the Taboo MKIII, which was my very first Decware amp.  I had the ZMF Ori’s and absolutely loved that combination. I am very intrigued by the Auteurs and have come close to pulling the trigger on a set a couple times.  

Right now, with the recent mods to my ZMA, the low volume performance has improved - so clear, nuanced, and dense. I’m hearing more at these lower levels than I every have.  I’ve found a good volume level that keeps me content and my family sleeping.  So with that, my headphone listening time has diminished.  

You have a pretty amazing combination in those headphones and amp.
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Re: My Can System
Reply #2 - 05/10/18 at 20:48:51
I bought Jeff's Ori phones, and was gobsmaked at their performance, but not until I hooked them up to the right amp. Though I keep trying, I have yet to come close to that combination. Thank you forever Jeff.
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