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04/19/18 at 18:51:37 


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ZP3 vs Manley Chinook (Read 184 times)
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ZP3 vs Manley Chinook
04/07/18 at 02:49:18
Anyone compare the ZP3 vs Manley Chinook phono preamp?  I have the latter and it is very good, but knowing Decware, I'm considering a ZP3 with my "The Voice" SoundSmith cartridge.
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Re: ZP3 vs Manley Chinook
Reply #1 - 04/07/18 at 22:13:40
NormD- I have not compared the two but would be interested in reading the findings. We love our ZP3 and I used to sell VTL and met/worked with EveAnna a long time at our store and early Stereophile shows. As I understand it, Manley gear is pretty darn good. Happy listening, Chris.
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