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03/20/18 at 20:44:57 


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6AR6 in a Torii MkIV (Read 76 times)
Andrew Bryant
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6AR6 in a Torii MkIV
02/25/18 at 14:39:22
Does anyone know if the 6AR6 is a compatible tube (with adapter of course) in the Torii mkIV. I tried some Tung Sol 6AR6s and they seemed to run a little hotter than the usual tubes but sounded good. I got nervous and pulled them after about 5 minutes because I realized I could be damaging the amp or tubes or both.  


Vh      Ih      VaMax      Vg2Max      PaMax      Pg2Max      Cgk      Cak      
6.3      1.2      630                 315         21                 3.5      11.0      7.0      



Class      Va      Vg2       Vg1         Ia              Ig2      Ra             S
A             300      300      -36.0 . 58.0      4.0      22,000 .   4.3

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