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03/22/18 at 17:03:23 


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Inviting me to audition your speakers system. (Read 259 times)
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Inviting me to audition your speakers system.
02/13/18 at 20:01:36
Hi fellow music lovers listeners,

Anyone lives in Maryland and surrounding areas would not mind inviting me to audition your Decware loudspeaker systems ? As a token of appreciation I would treat you with the sandwich of your choice!

My story:

25 years ago I had bought cheap Chinese made 3 way floor-standing speakers system, that changed the way i listen to the music forever! I bought those speakers from Pawn shop for dirt cheap, with no designation of who is making them and one of the tweeter were none functioning, which I were able to fix the same day. I had to move to a different country and I had to sell those speakers without realizing what a mistake I had done and since than has not been able to find anything even remotely would matched the level of details and dynamics those speakers had.
I have been in several listening rooms auditioning very expensive and different brands of loudspeakers and quite frankly were leaving very  disappointed asking my self "is that all you got" ?, so the quest for the perfect sound is still on in my mind.

I am exploring this site in hopes for to find what i am looking for ( my perfect sound system ), to share my sound search experience, and hopefully to find some folks who has similar ideology of what constitutes the sound.
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