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03/22/19 at 07:55:51


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Caintuck Audio & 6moons (Read 2073 times)
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Caintuck Audio & 6moons
02/12/18 at 23:00:34
6moons contributor Stephen writes about putting together a budget system:

"Recently Mr. Fusball, one of the newer members of our local Bad Boys Benevolent Association*, retired from his long-held globe-trotting job. George has a very fine system that I, for one, greatly admire. We'll learn more about that shortly. George is also a very nice guy who got it into his head to walk the audio gospel talk by helping other music lovers get a shot at the acceptable level of bliss that too many of us Bad Boys (and Girls) take for granted. So began his latest foray into the depths of the hobby. George now sells a ready-to-play system comprised of musically satisfying gear at an unbelievably wallet-friendly price. Not only did he assemble a budget system that redefines how little one can spend to enter the sect, he did so in a big way. The system in question clocks in at a mere $1'020. That's right, just one dub over one grand. That's less than half of what I spent on my experiment in 2004. And just one more thing: he sells at his cost. That's right, George doesn't make one cupronickel-clad coin....

The system components are:
Speakers: Caintuck Audio Betsy open baffle in solid mahogany hardwood ($350 factory direct)
Amplifier: Musical Paradise MP-301 Mk3 Deluxe 6.5wpc tube amp. Comes with 6L6 power tubes. Can also take 6P3P, KT66, 5881, EL34, 6CA7, KT77, KT88 and 6550 for those who like to experiment with the sound.
Source: Onkyo C-7030 CD player, a high value player with qualities that match well with the rest of the system.
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Randy in Caintuck
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Re: Caintuck Audio & 6moons
Reply #1 - 02/13/18 at 16:17:13

Hi DB2,

Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of the forum readers ...

I have posted the review info and link in the Decware Betsy Open Baffle forum.

Best wishes,

PS ..... there is a typo on the price of the speakers in the article and referenced ad.
The "solid mahogany" baffles are Sapele (African mahogany) and cost 450.00 per pair as indicated on my website and in the Decware online storefront ..... the standard red oak plywood baffles are 350.00.
Truth in advertising .....
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Caintuck Audio Betsy Open Baffles and Alpha bass baffles
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Re: Caintuck Audio & 6moons
Reply #2 - 02/14/18 at 00:41:23
Decware gets a mention later on:

Do you or some frugal friend see a road trip in your future? Indeed, you can hear the Betsy speakers at other locations across our great land:

The Decware Audio listening room in East Peoria, IL
Decware Audio

The Caintuck listening room in northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati, OH)
Caintuck.OB @ outlook.com

Dave - central Michigan near Mount Pleasant
the_hurdy_gurdyman @ yahoo.com

Peter - Altadena, CA
pcamperos @ msn.com

Ivan - Mundelein, IL (about 40 miles from Chicago)
ivancy1920 @ gmail.com
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Re: Caintuck Audio & 6moons
Reply #3 - 03/27/18 at 20:07:49
Great find, thanks for the share.
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