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Tube Rolling - Pope 6V6GT - Tungsram 12AU7 (Read 1129 times)
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Tube Rolling - Pope 6V6GT - Tungsram 12AU7
01/21/18 at 15:13:49
Below is my post from three years ago, when I stop tube rolling.

I am back at it again with great results.

This time I studied the Upscale Audio website:

Upscale offer only one 6V6GT and it is a step up from my Mazda, the Pope 6V6GT, I can confirm the comments of Upscale Audio, this is a special tube, it is exciting to listen to, records become new as more sound and instruments appear.

The same can be said for the Made In Hungry version of the Tungsram 12Au7.  Again please visit Upscale Audio and read the comments.

I audio the Brimar 4003 from Upscale, but again the Tungsram was just a better tube.

I will be back in three to four years with more comments.



Smooth and Detailed, I now have a whole new amp (just as Steve D. talks about in describing the Mini Torii).

Brent Jessee convinced me to they a French tube! The Mazda 6V6GT (Grey Glass) for a cost of $99,00 for a matched pair (Brent offers a 30 day return policy).

The Mazda 6V6GT tubes sound great and I will be keeping them.

I should note that the Valve Art 350B tubes also sound great in my system (a tweeter only amp in my System) and the 350b's  get you to within 80% to 85% of the sound of the Mazda 6v6ís (and I paid less than $40.00 for a matched pair).  They will remain as my back up pair.

I am now listening to the Mazda tubes (after a 18 hour burn in) and the Mazda 6V6GT tubes now blow away the Valve Art 350bB tubes (the Valve Art 350B is a tube I selected after a lot of tube rolling (see my other posts).

The Mazda 6V6GT tubes are Organic, Smooth, Lfelike and provide the most Detail (with a very light touch, not harsh at all, but the amount of new detail is amazing).

Thanks Brent for the recommendation

From Brent Jessee's website:

6V6GT Mazda France made greyglass, military boxes, 1957 dated
New Old Stock original box.

A very nice 6V6GT, not often found in the USA. Blackplate and greyglass, Mazda label all with 1957 date codes. These Mazda made tubes are similar to Pope, Amperex and other premium brands.
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Re: Tube Rolling - Pope 6V6GT - Tungsram 12AU7
Reply #1 - 01/26/18 at 21:37:33
Yes,  I agree with you on the Pope 6V6GT tubes and use exclusively, but I also use Philips E80CCs in the preamp section which make a big difference.
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Re: Tube Rolling - Pope 6V6GT - Tungsram 12AU7
Reply #2 - 01/28/18 at 00:13:11
Anyone try 6Y6g ST?
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MT w/ 1940's RCA 6v6g st
Ref 3A de Capos
VPI HW-19 mk iv
Mac Tuna MR-67
MH 25.2 CDP
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Re: Tube Rolling - Pope 6V6GT - Tungsram 12AU7
Reply #3 - 02/08/18 at 05:19:34
Thanks P K for the update and for sharing your recent tube rolling experiences. I tried the Mazda 6V6's on your recommendation and found them to be a really worthwhile improvement on the Tung Sol's that were originally supplied with MT MK2 - I'll now give the Pope 6V6's a go!

Like other owners I have found the NOS 12au7 Tungsram and Mullard tubes to be particularly good, followed by Genelex Gold Lion and Psvane 12au7's

Cheers Steve
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