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12/13/18 at 22:18:08 


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Boutique guitar pedals and amp for sale (Read 549 times)
Lonely Raven
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Boutique guitar pedals and amp for sale
01/10/18 at 19:50:30
I figured I'd post this stuff here as well since I know several of you play guitar as well as listen to good tube gear.   Wink
I'm just trying to pay down some medical bills, and after a hand injury, I don't play guitar much. Feel free to ask any questions or message me with any offers either here, or in E-mail. LonelyRaven@hotmail.com

Prices on the pedals don't include shipping, but we can work something out.

All photos of pedals can be found here:


BYOC 10-Band EQ   $75
Digitech Bad Monkey $40
SansAmp GT2 $75
Atom Smasher $100
George Lynch Tripler $60
Morley ABY $40
Danelectro Cool Cat Drive $30
Hughes & Kettner Red Box MKIII  $40
Digitech Whammy 20th $125
Cry Baby ZW-45 Wah $60
Red Witch Fuzz God Chrome $125
Red Witch Pentavocal Trem Chrome $125
Dr. Scientist mini Reverberator Limited Run 1 of only 12! $350
Dr Scientist Woofer Wailer (rare only 80 made) $150
Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler (another rare one) $150
Boss DD-7 Delay $90
Pedal Train 32” x 16”  with unused original gig-bag $150

Trainwreck Style Custom Built Guitar Amp
$1300 Shipped!

Gallery photos here:  http://lonelyraven.zenfolio.com/p767401946

I'm really hard pressed to sell this, as it's one of the most amazing amps I've ever owned.

This is a custom built using very accurate parts and even wiring location. If you don't know what a Trainwreck is, and how amazing Ken Fisher was, do some research! Check YouTube (Link below) as there are many original Trainwreck videos up in the past few years as people are (re)discovering these great amps. An original Trainwreck amp goes for $40k these days!


This video is a great example, mine sounds closer to the middle amp in the video. It is currently loaded with more common, modern tubes, but if you were to track down some NOS tubes you can really put this amp over the top!

This amp has built in bias ports and easy to access bias pot, and the VVR mod, which allows you to play the amp at higher gain settings, but with the volume as reasonable home/studio levels. It's wonderful and doesn't muck with the tone (though not quite the same as having a 4x12 blowing your pant legs around as you play!). Beautiful flamed maple cabinet, leather grip, and tall rubber feet. Amp is ready to go!
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