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It is Glorious! (Read 301 times)
Tommy Freefall
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It is Glorious!
12/25/17 at 19:09:35
Thanks to my Torii Jr and ERRx speakers - my loft is filled to the rafters with George Frideric Handel's masterpiece Messiah!
And it is glorious!
Merry Christmas everyone!
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Torii Jr., ERRx, ZBIT, Zenhead, Grado 325e
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Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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Re: It is Glorious!
Reply #1 - 12/25/17 at 20:23:00
Merry Christmas Tommy!
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Re: It is Glorious!
Reply #2 - 12/26/17 at 22:27:24
I waded a George FreddrickHandel station for my Mom visiting. Sounds fantastic on the Toriís!!
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Torri MKIV, ZP3, Marantz SA8005, Zenstyx, klipsch KG4's, Emotiva CX6, CX2, Canare & Zen connetcts, AT120P TT, 2MBlue, Sonos
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