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12/13/18 at 22:33:40 


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Thanks to Steve (Read 1084 times)
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Thanks to Steve
11/28/17 at 22:52:06
I just wanted to say thanks to Steve for fixing my access to the forums.
I had done something really wrong a few days ago linking some pictures, I bet that I have linked hundreds of pics here before and never had a problem.
This time I poked the wrong icon and hit ctrl V a little too fast, and when I tried to back out everything went haywire. Plum locked me out, access denied from everything connected to my IP address.
I was able to message Steve from the website and he got me back up.
Didn't realise how much I visit these forums till I couldn't.
Again, Thanks Steve.
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Steve Deckert

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Re: Thanks to Steve
Reply #1 - 11/29/17 at 00:45:49
Indeed, we would miss the picture with the big ears ; )
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