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06/24/18 at 08:20:24 


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BSC= Baffle Step Correction (Read 543 times)
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BSC= Baffle Step Correction
11/28/17 at 22:37:00
Just to clarify, this is a temporary sort of solution that I am using, and it has to do with the break in of the FRX drivers, and some other devices. Thing is, there is much brightness in the midrange, and it is just the sort of thing that I don't care for while listening. At first, the FRX2 drivers were so remarkable that it was unbelievable. As time went on they got brighter and brighter. Sucked so much that I started preferring headphones to them in a big way. So then I discovered a line level 'fix' to accommodate for this sort of thing.... at least in this case. So I found a circuit designed by 'BottleHead' company that was used for Baffle Step Correction. This is usually done in the crossover of a multi-driver design, but in the case of single driver speakers, it makes way more sense to get it done at the line level in order to keep the clarity of the driver to begin with. Their answer for this is to attenuate the midrange, leaving the bass/treble sounding louder in relationship. Their is a selectable position for 5K, 10K, or 20K for the treble region, and 'narrow', 'normal' and 'wide' selections for the baffle width.They actually are 3 different turnover frequencies for the bass. Both the bass and treble can be adjusted by 2 or 4db or off.
Insertion loss for the circuit is 4db. Bottom line, it works very well, and will be incorporated in the system until further notice.
I am sure that those of you that own FRX2 drivers are asking why I don't just use the switch on the back of the driver that affects the midrange to begin with. Simple answer, it isn't affecting the midrange enough for what I want to hear. The 'Fixx' circuit sounds clearer to me, and so I consider it to be the answer.
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