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07/17/19 at 23:52:46 


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DM947 vs.  Tekton Lore ? (Read 2309 times)
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DM947 vs.  Tekton Lore ?
10/14/17 at 17:20:07
I purchased 947's used from forum member several months ago. 946's they have the mid range upgrade!
After 6+ weeks with 947's and Tektons I sold the Tektons.

Let me say that I would have been very happy with the Lores. They are an excellent bang-for-the-buck choice. But, had I not been curious about what a speaker costing more than 2x would do I would still have the Lores. (note: Also, Helps that I got a very good deal on the monoliths).

So, what's the difference? Fleshing out the details, sound stage width/height and depth, realism, separation of instruments all are improved with the 947's. Bass is tighter and bigger..being able to follow bass lines has greatly improved. After several weeks adding mapleshade jumpers made a very noticeable improvement.
I have also found that best placement differs from Lores.
Lores  6' from front wall x 3' from side.
947    5'  x  28" side.

Count me a very happy Decware customer.
Or, should I say a Happy Idiot since I've been smiling like an idiot while enjoying it all.
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