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Help with biamping - how would you set it up? (Read 885 times)
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Help with biamping - how would you set it up?
10/12/17 at 14:48:13
Everyone, I tried to use my Rachael to also feed a solid state amp to see if I could biamp. Got nowhere fast. I added the volume-controlled preouts when I ordered the Rachael because I thought it would be interesting to try. However, all I get is "tube noise" from the preouts. I always turn it off right away because that seems like it can't be good for he system.

Any tips? Anyone out there biamping?

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Re: Help with biamping - how would you set it up?
Reply #1 - 10/14/17 at 16:52:22
Sean - I used to bi-amp before I sold all my gear and committed to the ''less is more'' ideal. I have a Rachael amp which I have used to drive the RCA inputs on my Omega sub, but felt it sounded better using the high level (speaker level) inputs so now I don't use the RCA outs. I did use a separate electronic crossover (really required I think for true bi-amping) then a multitude of amps to drive the different elements in my old set of speakers. For the last three years (this month actually) I have been living, finally, my musical dream of source, amp, speaker without crossover and don't ever see my system going back. I tried to look up your speakers, but couldn't find the model.Keep us posted on your experiment and what it yields for you. Happy listening, Chris.
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