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05/24/18 at 08:50:28 


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New cans in house (Read 529 times)
Crazy Bill the Eel Killer
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Tubes Rule !!

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New cans in house
10/04/17 at 02:03:40
Grado GS2000e arrived this afternoon and listening to Cohen now.


What else is there to say. Driven by my  SE84CSEX, this is the best headphone listening I've heard in my house. Bests, driven by the same amp, the Senn HD650 w/ Cardas cable, and the AKG 702 w/ Cardas cable. Also bests my Stax SRM007Tll driving the SR Omega and the SR007. It is that good.

Tone and body beyond belief. I'm completely lost and immersed.

A happy camper in Danbury !!

Cheers,                Crazy Bill

P.S.  Listening to METALLICA w/ San Francisco Symphony doing " Nothing Else Matters right now. Nothing to say other than right now " Nothing Else Matters "

If you can find this on vinyl, and you like Metallica, nothing else matters !!
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