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10/24/17 at 03:21:48 


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Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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08/11/17 at 03:13:44

With sadness, I have to report that Tascam has apparently discontinued their CD-240 player even though they still display it on their site.  It seems to have become virtually unavailable in this country.

When searching for alternatives including such players as OPPO and others, we realized the best thing is to recommend that you pair a CD player/transport of your choice with the ZDSD rather than us installing our output stage in something else that doesn't sound as good.

Another alternative that may cost less would be to find a player with balanced XLR outputs and pair it with our ZBIT balanced input transformer. This is a stand alone box with the same output stage found in both our ZCD240 and the ZDSD. Many OPPO owner's have done this and loved how it completely transforms that player's somewhat clinical DAC into something similar to the ZCD240 which is to say better musicality, dimensionality and density not to mention slam.


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