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12/17/17 at 04:26:56 


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Sennheiser HD6XX massdrop (Read 348 times)
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Sennheiser HD6XX massdrop
07/22/17 at 22:03:47
I understand these come with a 6' cord instead of the normal 10'.  A steal @ $199, I picked up a pair.


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Re: Sennheiser HD6XX massdrop
Reply #1 - 07/24/17 at 17:10:21
 I think the Sennheiser is a good choice in many cases.The Senn signature sound is altogether different from say the Grado house sound. For those reasons, it becomes a matter of preference for each of us, and maybe for different reasons. My experience and preference has changed simply due to personal and even health reasons. More specifically, I have had a drop in hearing due to a recent set of infusions of antibiotics. The result was positive, save for the damage to my hearing. At my age of 60, there has already been a marked difference in hearing, and so that has shaped my decisions in audio.

  I say enjoy all that you can with products like Sennheiser and even better phones out there for as long as you can.
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