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06/27/17 at 14:53:21 

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TORII with Headphones and Harbeth Speakers (Read 440 times)
Steve Deckert

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TORII with Headphones and Harbeth Speakers
05/23/17 at 23:43:36
OK, so I'm interested in the Torii MKIV for a rig driving Harbeth P3ESR. I have only one stumbling point... To have all the functionality I desire (in a home office) I would need either a preamp output (to connect to an external headphone amp) or a headphone 1/4" jack itself. That is, I want both my sources (DAC and Turntable) connected to both of my transducers (speakers and headphones).

Could this be accommodated?


Thank you for asking!  Two problems... MKIV has too much power for good headphone jack performance and too little power for Harbeth speakers which when converted to a 1 watt / 1 meter sensitivity are about 81dB.  That's 10dB below the recommended minimum.  Below is the performance with the Harbeth/Torii MK IV combination.

1 watt =     81dB @ a distance of 1 meter.
2 watts =   84dB
4 watts =   87dB
8 watts =   90dB
16 watts=  93dB
25 watts=  95dB.

For every meter of distance greater than 1 meter, subtract 3dB.

An alternative approach would be using the 4 watt Mini-Torii with headphone jack paired with the DM945/6 speakers.

1 watt =     94dB @ a distance of 1 meter
2 watts =    97dB
4 watts =   100dB

The last Mini Torii that went out replaced an Audio Note 300B amplifier driving similarly efficient Audio Note speakers and the owner is quite happy.  The DM945/6 speakers are over twice as fast as the Harbeth with the same silky smooth tone, so they too could be an upgrade.


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