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03/20/19 at 23:09:50 


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Drake Chenault Radio Tapes (Read 1547 times)
Steve Deckert

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Drake Chenault Radio Tapes
04/28/17 at 04:55:50
Here is a fascinating revelation about how radio station tapes were made...  This particular company is only one of several. Of the many different companies I have collected tapes from, these are generally not the best sounding.  And after hearing them for years even on the radio back in the 70's, I now know why they needed a loudness button to sound right...


Great read.

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Lonely Raven
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Re: Drake Chenault Radio Tapes
Reply #1 - 08/04/17 at 20:54:06

In that last box of tapes I gave you, was a reel of commercials from Allied Electronics in Chicago, probably from the 50s. They sounded so amazing, so LIVE, that I had friends mesmerized with them for 20 minutes.
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