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07/18/19 at 00:17:14 


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Running DM947's in a small room.  11' x 13' (Read 1784 times)
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Running DM947's in a small room.  11' x 13'
04/28/17 at 04:49:13
I have a Torii MKIII and ZP3, both with copper foil Jupiters.  I had been having trouble with boomy bass when I moved the rig into the bedroom a year ago after pretty much taming it in the LR with tube choices.

On the 11' wall I have the spkrs about 1.5' from the front wall and about the same from the side walls.  I found myself having to adjust the bass dials a lot depending on the music but I was really getting tired of it, especially since it never totally fixed the problem.  I was to the point of giving up on the 947's thinking I just didn't have the space they needed to do their thing.  They go real deep and my smallish room just wasn't doing them justice.  Bass just wasn't tight enough to rock out.

So here is tube set for my Torii MKIII .  

Quad Reflektor nickel base 6P3S-E's.  These really seem to make a nice step in the right direction with reducing bass compared to other tubes I tried.   Plus the bargain of the century price wise imo.  $60 a quad!!  Took forever to break in, treble was a real beeotch but I didn't give up on them.  Glad I didn't. Tried OB3's but I prefer the OA3's.    RCA 5U4G rectifers. 1940's vintage. Love em.  75C1's (OC2  thanks you guys for the ebay link. Bought 4 after knowing how great that type is since Lonely Raven turned me on to Brimar ones a couple years ago).  Inputs I alternate between Upscale's Ediswan CV2492 (6922) and Brimar Ediswan CV5358 ECC88.  I picked up 2 matched pairs last year. Very sweet tubes.  


Sonically I could live with this set and never look back.  And it's mainly due to the biggest and last change I made to the room.  Tube traps I made out of Roxul panels.  2'x4'x4". (the panels are 2" thick so I doubled them up)  Very simple DIY project that only set me back about $220.  (6 panels off Amazon, a roll of burlap, furring strips for the frames and glue.)

I want you guys that may be struggling with bass with these speakers in smallish rooms like mine to know that they will work as advertised for sure when these traps are used.  It's really transforming.  I just can't say enough about the all around improvement they have made.  

I put them in each corner behind the spkrs and after experimenting with placement, determined that to me the best position was upright and angled with the inside edge of the traps covering about 1/2 the rear of the DM947 cabinets. This made the bass clean, deep and tight.  Directly behind the  speakers sucked up too much bass energy.   The traps also cleared up the mids very nicely too. Even treble improved.  I assume a lot of the treble bouncing around the room hits the traps and gets absorbed too??

I also made a panel for behind my listening spot and that tamed some reflection coming off the back wall but not too much to kill the life of the tunes. With the room issues now under control, the sonics sound so much more lifelike.  Sound stage is still huge but instruments and vocals are so much more detailed and accurate and natural sounding imo. 3D. The bass is now absolutely massive! I can really turn it up now.  Before I'd have to back off the volume as the bass was just too bloated and thus disappointing.  Not anymore.   You all should hear my Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality. UK 2Y/1Y lp.  Oh mamma!  8-).  Then, listen my original Billie Holliday - Solitude.  If you can get thru that without shedding a tear then you are a tougher man than me.  :)

 I won't go on about it anymore but for the cost of a quad of GL KT66's, build these traps.   Then go with the inexpensive Reflektors for awhile. I really wish I had made these traps years ago rather go down the frustrating and ultimately, for me, pointless road of spending big money trying to tube roll my way out of the sonic shortcomings I had in both rooms.  In the end though I have 0 doubt now that I made the right decision to go all Decware.  I'm finally hearing my rig in all it's glory.  Two months into these panels and I'm still giddy everytime I fire up the rig.  

 Someday I may try diffusers that I've read much of here but I am absolutely not feeling the urge to change anything now.

Here's a pic of my room, please excuse the "room treatments" all over the floor.  I gotta do something about that.   Undecided

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Re: Running DM947's in a small room.  11' x 13'
Reply #1 - 05/19/17 at 15:25:49
Hey G12,  just noticed your message. Room treatments! My room is 11' by 16' and sound absorbers + diffusers have made a great difference. Speaker placement is also critical. I have Tektons pulled out 5' from back wall and 3' from side walls...after several years of placement experimentation I have settled with this placement. What IC's do you use from TT to Phone Pre to Amp? Pics of my room are in Decware 'member's system picture gallery' I've added more diffusion and absorbers and moved 'em around since photo was taken.
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