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$700-1000 Headphones (Read 1316 times)
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$700-1000 Headphones
12/27/16 at 05:44:48
Hello all,

I'm in the middle of looking for headphones. I plan on using these with my Mini-torii with a headphone jack or with a Marantz Headphone amp. I'm looking in the $700-1000 price range. I was originally looking for cheaper but after trying AKG550, B&0 H6v2 and Oppo PM3, I decided to up my budget (AKG550 was the best of that bunch in my opinion). I'm looking closed or semi-closed, not open. Right now I am auditioning the Final Audio Design Sonorous VI. Sound lovely, maybe a little bright, but I'm still burning them in. Problem is they are dreadfully uncomfortable. I'm looking at Audeze El-8 Closed and the ZMF line (Blackwood or ORI). So far all recommendations that I have found that compare the EL-8 and Sonorous VI favor the Sonorous. I don't like cold and clinical (which is what some say about the EL-8).  I like a little warmth with good micro-detail and not too much bass (I'm a guitarist and like to hear the subtle variations in good guitar distortion/picking). If I can make these Sonorous cans feel better and the brightness calms down, I might stick with them. If not, I'll return them and look elsewhere. I listen to a lot of noisy rock and indie pop and some jazz/blues. Any thoughts on recommendations within these cans or any recommendations on others I haven't considered. Remember, they must be closed (or semi-closed).


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Re: $700-1000 Headphones
Reply #1 - 12/28/16 at 06:53:28
Hi Scott,
I couldn't be happier with my ZMF Ori Blackwoods.  I know Zach is taking pre-orders on his new models with house-designed drivers, but I can't speak to those since I have not had an opportunity to audition them.  Wood choice in the ZMF line would be a "fine tune" factor and one I would reach out to Zach with your listening preferences for guidance.  Super nice guy and incredibly responsive and generous with his time and advice.  

They need some juice to properly drive so your amp will make a difference.  The Ori's are planar drivers so don't underestimate the amp influence/requirement if you do go this route.  Steve will be the one to advise on appropriate amp choice as he is familiar with these headphones.  I am driving mine with a Taboo.  

Not sure where you are located but if in SoCal, I would offer up a listen.  

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