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No Absolutes (Read 1638 times)
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No Absolutes
08/31/16 at 00:22:43
this is one of the most profound reads regarding our hobby I've seen in a long while.... and everyone of us fickle audiofool's (meant in fun) should come to terms with it, understand it and accept it.....

lest we risk forever being sonically frustrated, perplexed and insatiable......!!


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Re: No Absolutes
Reply #1 - 08/31/16 at 01:54:44
Obviously true.  In a nutshell, recreating what we hear in someone's system, home or room is kind of like the dog chasing it's tail.

Lon and others have mentioned in various posts elsewhere that getting away from exploring and experimentation allows us to get down to the pure joy of listening. (My paraphrase) Chasing the proverbial tail often does the just the opposite.  And yet, we do it.  I've spent the last six months doing it.

Don't get me wrong.  I understand the allure. And I've enjoyed the chase myself.  Funny thing is, if we wax philosophical, the pursuit of audio nirvana is a parallel for much of life.  We're so busy trying to find "it" that we miss "it".
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Re: No Absolutes
Reply #2 - 08/31/16 at 17:18:32
So true. I've found my tone/timbre and in relationship to my treated room; that is right for ME.


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(US/Great Britain) Ediswan CV2492/6922 ~ 2 pair (one pair Cryogenic)
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