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Ampex 351 R2R (Read 1504 times)
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Ampex 351 R2R
07/15/16 at 13:37:40
Hi, first post to this forum, but have been following off and off for a while. I am planning to purchase my first R2R deck, a friend has a good condition Ampex 351. I believe the preamp is separate from the tape player. Would I be able to use the Decware tape pre instead of the Ampex pre without having to mod the Ampex deck? The 351 pre is also tube, I have heard mixed opinions on that pre from ecstatic to lukewarm. I intend to use the deck to record LPs but mostly for playback - especially for the new masters tapes.
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Re: Ampex 351 R2R
Reply #1 - 07/25/16 at 05:08:07
Hi exc123 and welcome to the forum and extended Decware family!  Sorry I didn't spot this sooner but I took a week to enjoy some lake time in Minnesota and just arrived home tonight... decompressing with a beer and a peek at the forum after a 12 hour drive.

Congrats on the Ampex 351!  To answer your question, you can hook the ZP3 with tape mod up to the Playback head on your Ampex. You'll have to unhook the playback head cable from the back of each preamp and connect it to the ZP3's RCA jacks. That will of course require a custom adapter or refitting the cables with a male RCA jack. The Ampex preamps can continue to be used for recording.

Please keep us posted about your new toy!  It's a legendary tape machine.

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