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03/21/19 at 22:57:02 


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DNA horns are once again available FINISHed (Read 1665 times)
Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
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DNA horns are once again available FINISHed
05/18/16 at 04:44:20

When we originally launched the DNA horn, it had a Tang-Band driver and looked like this:

Almost immediately the price of neodymium went through the roof and no distributor in the USA would carry the driver. Not to mention it more than doubled in price. With the overseas shipping, price increase and availability problems we elected to discontinue the speaker and just offer plans for it, which we did.

Later on I found another driver that I actually liked quite a bit better. The TangBand was perfect by omission in that what it did was right but there was lots it didn't do. These new drivers do it all and at a much higher efficiency that makes it possible to enjoy a pair with as little as a 2 watt triode amplifier.  

After building a few pair and listening to them with these new drivers over the course of two years a couple of things happened.  A) the drivers are still available  B) we still like the speakers.

So they now look like this and the price has been reduced from the original $2300 a pair to a much more affordable amount. The new speakers sound considerably better than the old ones did.

So here is the link to the new DNA page. Plans are also still available.


It's a great opportunity to hear something really amazing for it's size!


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