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03/21/19 at 12:46:46 


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Computerized help (and maybe a lot of fun too!) (Read 1461 times)
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Computerized help (and maybe a lot of fun too!)
03/15/16 at 07:13:52
Hi all, I've been looking for a, I guess I'm thinking of some sort of CAD, system that would work like an electronics sandbox.  I've seen a few, but can't really tell what it would be like to use them.  One that I saw had a really cool feature where it would show the components looking like the real things.

Anyway what I'm hoping I can get is something that runs on either Win7 or Android, and that has a decent selection of "parts", including tubes, and a way to make whatever I'd need if it doesnt come included.  Maybe even better, an online database of components.  Also I'd want it to accurately simulate running what I've built.

What I hope to do is start hooking stuff up and see what happens.  Does this make sense?  Does anyone know of something that works like this?  I'd do best with something that wouldn't take an engineering degree to figure out.   ;D

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