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10/17/18 at 05:29:40 


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My Trap setup....surprising good sound :) (Read 1909 times)
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My Trap setup....surprising good sound :)
12/17/15 at 04:07:12
Hey all this forum on trapeziums feels like a ghost town Smiley  so though I would post about my current desktop setup.

WHen I first got the traps I was running them with a mini torii which was just fantastic, but over the years I have upgraded my main rig and part of that was selling the MT, an amp which i stil miss, and getting the Torii MKIV.  So my traps for awhile just did tv duty and nothing was setup at my computer.  In the last month or so I got my desktop setup back into action and I have to say I am very pleased with the sound for using very modest components.  I at one time tried to sell them and luckily no one bought them as i most likely would have bought them again lol.

The setup is...Computer, streaming,---JDS Lab REvb dac, its about 169 USD, --Fleawatt Amp, about 230 USD, --into traps.  My cables are Virtue audio cables along with decware speaker cables.  This system is very modest in cost but for me the sound is really really good.  

With this setup I got really good imaging, dynamics with good attack.  Now this is no way as good as my main rig which is Zdsd--Csp3--Torii MKIV--Omega Outlaw,  but for the cost of it I am very happy...:)  Someday I do plan to get the mini torii again just because of how cool an amp it is but for now i am very content with what I got.  Also for kicks and giggles I have a pair of Decware pills on the way to see how it might improve my humble desktop setup...:)  Now funny thing I tried for a short period with the Zdsd instead of the JDS Lab dac and instantly the sound just had more of everything including Hit and dynamics...I had to remove it fast otherwise I may be buying another Zdsd lol.

Anyone just wanted to post my thoughts and again say how amazing this little guys are..maybe sometime I may try to get a small sub to see what it can add but no real rush lol

Happy holidays everyone
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Re: My Trap setup....surprising good sound :)
Reply #1 - 12/17/15 at 21:28:30

So glad you like them...I too have been away from the Traps for some time, after just moving to a new smaller house. I'm lacking a formal listening room at the moment, so a desktop system is all get at the moment.

Mini Torii and Trapeziums are a great match up for desktop use. I'd love to get a Zen with the UFO transformers, maybe a better match up for such near field listening even though my son uses a Zen in his living room with the Traps with fantastic results.

Happy Holidays to you as well!

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Re: My Trap setup....surprising good sound :)
Reply #2 - 12/15/17 at 17:11:18
I ordered a pair of Traps a few weeks ago and am excited to receive them into my workplace system! I've been listening to very modest Altec Lansing computer speakers for way too long! Glad to hear your system sounding so good!
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Re: My Trap setup....surprising good sound :)
Reply #3 - 12/15/17 at 18:23:01
You'll dig them! They're excellent speakers.
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