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12/12/18 at 19:53:56 


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Torii MK IV as a Complete Home Theatre System (Read 2362 times)
Lord Soth
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Torii MK IV as a Complete Home Theatre System
10/10/15 at 04:24:28
Just wanted to share this with any potential newbies out there.

I just had an old pal drop by my place for a visit.
He is a typical average joe, i.e. "Non-audiophile" Wink when it comes to audio.

Since he was the typical MP3 kinda guy, I decided to let him "hear" my system, and see what kinda reaction I could get from him.
Yes, he was my proverbial audio lab rat.

I played my favorite tracks like John Stilgoe's "like being in love".
He was amazed that he could be teleported instantly into an intimate jazz club with "live" music playing.

And then, in true "non-audiophile" fashion, he decided to test my system further by asking the usual question " how about movies?" with a smug look on his face.
Yes, he had that typical look of a 5.1 / 7.1 Bose speaker system kinda guy!
To which , I simply popped in a blu-Ray of "300 rise of the empire" into my Oppo 95 player.
After 5 minutes into the film, my friend became pleasantly surprised and enlightened that a simple 2 channel setup ( with zu audio soul superfly speakers) could actually sound better than what's in the cinemas( his opinion).

He became convinced that a 2 channel speaker can produce 3D sound without the need for 5.1/6.1/7.1..... technology.
And that a good full range speaker does not require a subwoofer to be added.

Btw, we audiophiles always obsess with stuff like transparency , instrument separation , centerness of the phantom central channel, etc....
The whole idea, IMHO, about our obsession with audio perfection has always been to recreate a "live" event in our own private listening area.
Sometimes we get carried away with the last 1% and forget to just sit back and relax into the music.

With the Amazing DECWARE Torii MK4, yes you can!

So if you are a potential newbie out there, sitting on the fence , and reading this , I urge you not to hesitate any longer.
You can easily setup you own complete private home theatre audio system  with the Torii MK IV as the heart of the system, an Oppo 95 universal player and a pair of full range Zu Audio Soul Superfly speakers.

Cheers! Smiley
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Re: Torii MK IV as a Complete Home Theatre System
Reply #1 - 10/27/15 at 23:16:39
I also love and Torrii iii with 16 ohm tap and my soul superfly's. Amazing combo. Intimate, transparent, revealing and gorgeous tone.
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Re: Torii MK IV as a Complete Home Theatre System
Reply #2 - 04/08/17 at 15:56:53
For movies I use the Torii + a surround sound amp for center + rear speaker with pre-amp out that feeds the Torii, works great and sounds really big, especially as the left / right speakers are ERRx that fill the room with sound.
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- Stefan
Rega rp6, Lounge Audio phono pre-amp, T+A DAC 8 DSD, SE84UFO25, Tannoy Cheviot, Woo WA-3, Senheiser HD800S
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