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4 & 8 ohm switch on SE84UFO (Read 837 times)
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4 & 8 ohm switch on SE84UFO
08/25/15 at 18:48:42
This is embarrassing, but I cannot hear a difference between the 2 settings on the SE84UFO, which is connected to Omega alnico monitors with Western Electric 16GA speaker cable. I also don't know which position is 4 ohms and which is 8 ohms.

No trouble at all hearing the difference between the 2 bias switch settings.  

All 6 weeks old, so could it be a burn-in issue?
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Re: 4 & 8 ohm switch on SE84UFO
Reply #1 - 08/25/15 at 19:37:52

Steve told me he intentionally doesn't label the outputs so you try out both and see what sounds better for *your* particular setup. It forces people to think about it, rather than just hooking up to their nominal posts and forgetting about it.

IMHO - if you don't hear much or any difference with your particular speakers, then don't worry about it. Your speakers just happen to fit in that window where one impedance happens to overlap the other a bit, and/or your speakers aren't that sensitive to impedance differences with this particular amp.

You might try listening to some extremes - like symphony with dynamic tympani or something with lots of bells or cymbals. Hit the frequency extremes and maybe you'll find which posts sound better.  :)
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