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DNA Build Questions (Read 3043 times)
Steve Deckert

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DNA Build Questions
04/09/15 at 16:50:00
Hi Steve,
Iím planning to go ahead and build a pair of DNA Horns but after looking over the plans I have a few questions:
1.) On page 2 of ZenHorn.pdf you have a dimension of 4Ē to locate the cutout for the driver. It looks like the dim goes from the top of the speaker to the uppermost edge of the hole. Just wanted to verify this is correct since Iím used to seeing a dim to the centerline of the hole. Also, let me know whether there are any changes to the dim when using the new Alpair driver.

4" is from the top outside edge of the cabinet to the top edge of the speaker cut-out. †It is more important to maintain the spacing from the top of the driver to the top of the cabinet so the internal reflections to the port do not change. †Not knowing what drivers would be tried makes it impossible to dimension it at the centerline and maintain this critical distance.

2.) The DNAPLOT.jpg has no dimensions to locate the end of the lower member which forms the throat where the air makes a 180 degree turn prior to exiting. Page 5 of ZenHorn.pdf has a dim of 3.? for the height of the throat but I canít make out the fraction. I made a SketchUp layout just for kicks scaling some dims from the DNAPLOT.jpg and get a throat height of 3 19/64Ē which is probably close enough considering the tolerances Iíll be able to hold during construction. Do you have any hard dims for this area?

The dimension is 3 1/4". †Since the plans are a .pdf file, you can zoom in to enlarge the dimensions and read them clearly.
3.) Any recommendations on preferred damping material and where to place it?

I use a combination of felt and foam blocks. See picture:

4.) Whatís the most desirable cabinet material and adhesive from a sound standpoint? I was planning to use Baltic Birch ply but can use MDF or whatever works based on your experience.

Combinations work well. †Some ply, some mdf. †Carpenters wood glue and clamps.

5.) I assume the speaker wires go thru the hole in the top of the pressure chamber and exit thru the horn flare, correct?

The wires typically go through the back (see picture) but there are no rules.

6.) Is your opinion of the 10P-A driver still favorable and do you plan any related changes to the cabinet (other than the finish) to further optimize it for this driver? If so I would just wait awhile to start.

Yes, the 10PA is wonderful in this cabinet. No changes are being made other than cutout diameter is slightly larger.

7.) My room is 15í x 21í. Will your SE34I .4 drive these to reasonable levels in a room this size? I may buy one after the build.

Yes, the SE34I.4 will drive the speakers to a reasonable level in your room, but will be unable to take it much past that point.

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