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05/20/19 at 09:53:31 


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DM945 as Rear Channel Speakers ? (Read 6576 times)
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DM945 as Rear Channel Speakers ?
03/12/15 at 00:03:24
Anyone have experience using the 945's as rear channels speakers in a 5.1 setup?  I only use the HT system for movies (& TV), have a CSP3 & Taboo 3 for 2 channel (headphone only listening).

If Steve or DeVon is reading this...Are the speakers in stock?  What be the lead time if I wanted a more exotic finish and what veneers are available?


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Re: DM945 as Rear Channel Speakers ?
Reply #1 - 03/17/15 at 18:09:29
I have not used these as rears or even heard them, but I can tell you from talking to Steve when I was going to order some DM947 Monoliths that Cherry is in stock (or they try to stock all the time) and any other wood is about 3 month lead time average. I would love to hear an all Decware amp/speaker surround system. Keep us posted on your project please. Happy listening, Chris.
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