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05/19/19 at 15:34:16 


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Spin clean plus. (Read 890 times)
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Spin clean plus.
02/16/15 at 18:27:53
I thought I`d share a tip I discovered a few weeks ago while trying to get bad surface noise off of some new second hand records. I threw the records away in the end but found a way do the cleaning that I`ll use in future.
This is for the spinclean type of record cleaning machine.
Clean a number of discs with your solution as normal.
Then fill the trough with distilled water and put the first record in.
Get your vacuum cleaner, remove the hose, fit the small round upholstery attachment, lay a micro fibre cloth over it and turn on.
The cloth gets sucked in about 1/2 in and stays there. You can place an elastic band around the hose to keep the cloth edges out of the way.
Give the record a good spin leave it in while you suck dry the top halves.
Remove the disc and hold it in such a way that you can vac the rest dry. Gotta be quick before evaporisation starts.
Works a treat...and I`ve tried it without rinsing in distilled water. Seems good.

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