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DFR-8 Full Range Driver Questions (Read 2042 times)
Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
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DFR-8 Full Range Driver Questions
01/05/15 at 21:18:59
> Hello.
> I think to buy these Driver.
> I love acoustic suspension speakers.
> I will put them to an AS enclosure.
> I do not have any knowledge designing enclosures crossovers or zobel network.
> Do you suggest something?
> Do you thing an one way speaker can be as good as 3 way speaker (4 way let's include midbass coupler driver)?
> Thirdly is there a way to obtain 20-30hz bass from dfr8 drivers without using any port,horn or transmission line?
> Is there any measurements of dfr8s in sealed acoustic enclosures?like 16 cubic feet sealed enclosures we can obtain 55hz bas..
> Thanks..

No crossover is required or recommended with these drivers.

I think the coherency and matching speed of the single point source, such as the DFR-8 greatly outweighs the multi-driver approach despite it's ability to cover the extremes better and achieve lower cone distortions at high SPL due to the power shared among 4 drivers.  DFR-8's get loud enough on a couple watts to be satisfying long before cone distortions become an issue.

Getting the 20-30 Hz bass without an esoteric enclosure shouldn't be a problem at least at 30Hz, however it will be greatly rolled as is the character of Acoustic Suspension enclosures.  Sadly I don't have any measurements in an AS enclosure, but it should be fairly easy to model.  The bigger concern is the interior of the enclosure as all sound must be reflected away from the speaker cone.  The cones on these types of drivers are too thin to block sound, so everything inside the enclosure will be heard.  Enclosures are "voiced" for this by removing the DFR8 and talking into the opening.  Listen to your own voice and make changes to the inside of the box until you get the best sound.  Not too dull, not to bright, listen for texture.


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