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09/19/19 at 10:25:15 


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Zen Mystery Amp Wins Product of the Year! (Read 38568 times)
Steve Deckert

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Zen Mystery Amp Wins Product of the Year!
12/20/14 at 19:41:44
We sent a ZMA to Tone Audio Magazine in hopes they would like it enough to review it.  Well, they ARE going to review it, in fact they've been working on it since August!

Recently I was notified that the ZMA will be awarded Product of the Year by Tone Audio.  

This is big news for two reasons.  

1) It means the ZMA sounds better than amps over 16 times it's price due to a private e-mail I received from the reviewer.
2) Tone Audio doesn't hand out awards to everyone who shows up at the soccer match like other magazines.

Here's a clip from Tone's facebook page:

Needless to say, we're pretty damn happy!   Cheesy

If you're new to the Zen Mystery Amp, it all started with this post here:


And the web page where you can see the amp is here:


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