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12/13/18 at 16:02:31 


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SE84C+ Main transformer powerful magnetic fireld (Read 1863 times)
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SE84C+ Main transformer powerful magnetic fireld
11/02/14 at 11:12:18
Hi all.
I was searching to find the source of a hum and interference (FM radio station) problem I had for a few months.
I even repalced my Bellari VP-129 with a brand new ProJect Phono Box DC and finally I found the source of hum, I have to admit that I found it by luck.
Two years ago in my previous house next door, I did not have any hum and RFI problem with the same set-up.
My set up is the following:
Rega P3 turntable with a Rega RB-301 and an Exact mm cartridge later replaced with a PDR glass tubes linear arm with the same cartridge with a new ProJect phono stage with my SE84C+ amplifier and my Omega GR Research sub-woofers.
I also have a Rega Apollo CD player with which I have no RFI and hum problem, everything is dead quiet.
I did all kind of test, grounding wire schemes, walwart substitute, wall outlet and much much more, nothing would kill the hum and interference. Well, replacing the Bellari with the ProJect did eliminate the RFI, but the hum was still there.
While I was moving the arm toward the center of the platter, I've noticed that the hum would diminish and when I would put it back to it's resting place, it would increase.
I've notice, even if it was obvious, that the SE84C+ main transformer was within about 6" from the T/T arm.
I've diconnected everything and move away the amplifier and voila, no more hum.
All the suffering, frustration, pain, searching, turning around and the source of the problem was there, right in front of my eyes, ready to jump in my face.
So... That (BIG and oversize) main transformer generate a big magnetic field, which is good for the amplifier, but not too good for sensitive T/T arm and cartridge.
I've learned something new again and I am sure it's no over yet.

Guy 13  

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