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02/18/19 at 03:00:55 


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Add front firing midrange to ERR RL - 1.5 speakers (Read 2999 times)
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Add front firing midrange to ERR RL - 1.5 speakers
10/17/14 at 18:59:06
I just wanted to let you all know about an excellent modification that I made to my Decware RL-1.5 speakers that sort of mimics the Hybrid HR-1 model. I have been enjoying the RL-1.5s a lot, but always felt the midrange was a bit subdued and not "close" enough for me. I tend to enjoy front row listening rather than 5th row. So I added a Saba Greencone driver along with a crossover to play midrange signals only. I also added an L-Pad (controls volume while maintaining same impedence) so that I could dial in just the right amount of mid range boost. It sounds awesome and soundstage has also improved! The Saba Greencone is a vintage, 1950s alnico speaker with a very light paper cone and excellent midrange quality (available via auction sites) - It is very fast and therefore very complimentary to the rest of the system. I have it mounted (open baffle) on a 16" x 16" board directly above and in the same plane as the Decware tweeter. It is currently straddling the entire speaker with a couple long skinny legs. I will have to work on the aesthetics - but it sounds so great right now, that I don't want to touch anything - just want to enjoy!
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Re: Add front firing midrange to ERR RL - 1.5 speakers
Reply #1 - 10/17/14 at 22:44:40
Thanks for sharing. Smiley
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