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Steve/Decware & Company.....Developments? (Read 151795 times)
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Re: Steve/Decware & Company.....Developments?
Reply #550 - Today at 02:16:30
I've been rereading what Steve wrote in this thread about the big Nichicon caps that he used in the mods.  He mentions that they are 4700uF 450 VDC 85 C caps.  What he used in mine though are 3300 uF 500 VDC 85 C caps.  I have no idea what difference the smaller cap makes.  I don't see where Steve said anything about downsizing in this thread.  I can't read the part number of my caps so I am sort of guessing here.  The caps he used are still more than 50% more capacity than my Red Malory's (2000 uF).

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