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12/18/14 at 23:25:22

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6N1P-EV & Torii MK3 (Read 310 times)
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6N1P-EV & Torii MK3
07/10/14 at 18:39:23
Was wondering if anyone has used 6N1P-EV (these are from Cryoset) in their Torii MK3 amp?  

I have Zu Omen Def speakers and the MK3 for over a year now and have been tube rolling trying to improve the sound as much as possible.  I listen to digital through Squeezebox Classic and LP's on a Music Hall MMF5.1.  I have to admit that most of the LP's sound better than digital.  I also think some music is recorded well and some music isn't.

Back to the 6N1P-EV.  I definitely have to raise the volume more than I did with 6DJ8.  No problem.  The sound does seem better and most of the bass is tight, yet I am getting even more bass.  Almost boomy. Is this normal with these tubes?  Is there a break in with these tubes?

I am always looking for ways to improve the sound and I do enjoy digital, but I have not found a reasonably priced alternative to the Squeezebox.  I like it because it is wireless.

I also wish that I new audiophiles in the Hampton Roads VA area so that I can hear and compare components.  Doing all of this by trial-and-error can be tedious and $$$.

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Re: 6N1P-EV & Torii MK3
Reply #1 - 07/11/14 at 05:01:10
Yes I used them quite a bit and liked them over the 6922 or 6dj8.
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Re: 6N1P-EV & Torii MK3
Reply #2 - 07/11/14 at 11:40:33
I used them in my MKIII and they sounded fine.
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