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6L6? (Read 2452 times)
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06/27/14 at 00:36:47
I just read in the SE 34i.4 product description that it can run 6L6 tubes.

1) Have any of you tried this and, if so, any opinions to share?

2) Can the SE 34i.2+ (my amp, which I love) also run 6L6 tubes?


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Re: 6L6?
Reply #1 - 06/27/14 at 09:14:54
Yes dias the 6L6 is a drop in. EL34 adverts will sometimes add 6L6 as an equivalent  and vice versa. There must be a small difference but for all intents and purposes I think they are the same.
If you search pair or quad EL34 on e-bay then same search for 6L6 the same tubes turn up.....even more for 6L6...which then turn out to be EL34.
The EL34 will utilise the "Hazen grid" mod but the 6L6 wont.
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