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03/27/15 at 12:58:56

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what to expect with these tubes? (Read 386 times)
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what to expect with these tubes?
06/24/14 at 01:01:03
anyone used these guys in your amp?


or is it better to get some different EL 34s?
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Re: what to expect with these tubes?
Reply #1 - 06/24/14 at 01:29:28
I just broke in a cryo'd quad of these from cryoset.com in the Torii Mk III in my main system. I had been using a cryo'd quad of Tung-Sol KT-66 prior to that. Both of these brands of these tubes sound awesome in the Mk III, I prefer them to EL34 types and even to the JJ 6CA7 that I had been using. The Tung-Sol offer a huge open sound; the Genalex offer a slightly less open more "classic" sound in my system, a hint of richness the Tung-Sol doesn't quite offer. I liek them both (the Tung-Sol are currently in my second system and may end up in the Torii Mk II that I have in my Dad's system).

I say try them out. Consider buying from cryoset--I have had great results with their cryo'd tubes, and their service.

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