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Decware equipment placement, what a difference! (Read 1015 times)
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Decware equipment placement, what a difference!
05/19/14 at 04:42:14

Does anyone have experimented with different placement of their Decware equipment? On my three shelf rack, I changed things around a bit. Before, my turntable was on top, followed by a CSP2 below and a ZP3 directly on the bottom.
I changed this, moving the CSP2 next to the ZP3 on the bottom shelf (away from the turntable and to the right of the ZP3). Major improvement! Can a good thing be improved upon even more?
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Re: Decware equipment placement, what a difference!
Reply #1 - 05/19/14 at 05:04:12
I wonder, was the improvement more solidity and clarity, or less noise...It may be that the CSP is vibrating less on the bottom shelf? I have found that vibration management is a really good tool with decware stuff, different feet approaching vibration differently and more importantly, sounding different. So as you sort out vibration for better sound, you can also tune your sound with foot types and placement under the gear.
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