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08/30/15 at 06:54:46

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Where Does the Long Wire Go? (Read 395 times)
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Where Does the Long Wire Go?
05/12/14 at 15:51:16
This is a question I asked in these fora some years ago. As we are now mostly different members than then, I would like to ask it again.

If a listener has a phonograph or other source set up let us say 12 feet from each speaker, he could:
1)  Run 12 ft interconnect cables to dual preamps located together with the power amps at the speakers.
2)  Or he could use a single preamp at the turntable, then long cable runs to dual power amps at the speakers.
3)  Or the conventional arrangement of a single power amp or monoblocks on short ICs then long speaker wire.  
4)  I guess an additional option could be to have the output transformers removed from the power amp and relocated at the speakers with a long wire running from the power tube.  

Have you experimented with these options?
Have you any thoughts on impedance matching or other considerations?

Perhaps this question ought to be moved to the cable forum, but as it concerns both ICs & speaker cables, I did not want to put it only one of those categories.
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Re: Where Does the Long Wire Go?
Reply #1 - 05/12/14 at 16:55:21

If I recall, the weaker the signal, the shorter the line needs to be.

So for phono especially, I'd have the shortest cables possible.

For speakers, they are more tolerant of RF and other noise, have more voltage and current, and you can simply run longer distances by upping the gauge.

From what I understand, power cords are also similar. Due to the excellent shielding and a (hopefully) low resistance ground to dump noise to, longer power cords can actually sound better than shorter ones, as the extra shielding and good design can actually clean up the power before it hits your gear.

So I would lengthen power cords to get gear closer in order to shorten ICs, and run longer speaker cords if needed.
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