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06/19/18 at 11:38:36†

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SOLD: Torii Mk 3 with white top $2,100 (Read 753 times)
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SOLD: Torii Mk 3 with white top $2,100
05/06/14 at 05:28:22
I've decided to sell my Torii. †It has VCAP ($500 cost), Stepped Attenuator ($150 cost), and Cherry Base ($100 cost) upgrades, which were done when the amp was made in April 2011. †I am the second owner, and had it sent to Decware for a warranty transfer when I purchased it in March 2013, and while it was there being checked out, I had the output taps changed from 4/8 ohm to 8/16 ohm. In addition, I completely re-tubed it when I received it. †The new owner can send the amp to Decware to transfer the lifetime warranty to their name if desired. †The output taps could be changed back to 4/8 ohm then also, or it is easy to do yourself (unsolder one wire from each output and solder the other one back on). †

This amp is in excellent condition and performs perfectly. In addition to its well-documented sonic attributes, it is very cool looking. †All of the following tubes work and are included:

Output tubes
4 x JJ EL34 (about 400 hours)
4 x Mullard reissue EL34 cryod (new unused)

Input Tubes
2 x Amperex 6922 NOS (about 200 hours)

2 x Phillips 6922 NOS (about 200 hours)

2 x Russian 6N1P (stock tubes unknown hours)

2 x 5U4G / 5U3C NOS from the tube store . com (about 400 hours, one of these is missing the center locating pin but is still obvious which way it goes in by reference to the other tube)

2 x 5U4G Chinese (stock rectifiers, unknown hours)

2 x 5AR4 Chinese (very low hours practically new)

Voltage Regulators
2 x RCA OA3 NOS (Stock tube unknown hours, been using these)

2 x Mullard OD3 NOS (bought these and used very little)

1 x Sylvania NOS OA3 (unused)

1 x OA3 of unknown type (unknown hours)

Small 7 Pin Regulating Tubes
2 x Sylvania OB2 NOS (about 400 hours)

2 x Raytheon OC2 NOS (unused)

I have the Torii Mk 3 description from the Decware website saved to a Word doc available to anyone who wants it. †Itís no longer on the site since the arrival of the Mk 4.

The factory packaging is in perfect condition for safe transport. †Tubes will be shipped in a separate box. †A power cord is not included.

Split shipping, payment by PayPal (+ 3%) or bank cashiers check or postal money orders.

Can't get my pictures to load here, so the amp is listed on Audio Asylum and AudioCircle with pictures.
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