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FS: ECM Jazz Titles On Vinyl (Read 1229 times)
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FS: ECM Jazz Titles On Vinyl
05/03/14 at 02:26:59
Here is my latest list of Jazz and New Age 33 1/3 records I'm selling. The records are in EXCELLENT condition. I use a Benz Micro Glider and a Koetsu “Black” cartridge. I won't play records that are in less than excellent condition for fear of damaging my cartridges.

Buyer pays shipping charges ($6.50 CONUS) via USPS "Media Mail" for each mailer. Five records can be safely put in an LP mailer. The records will be properly packaged for safe transit. I am located in northern CA-94610.

Payment is via cash, Bank/Cashier’s check, or Postal Money Order. I am not set up for PayPal. I am motivated to move records. I will give a slight discount if you purchase 5 or more albums. Send me your selections and I will respond with a reduced price. If you are interested email me at Vinyl4tubes at yahoo dot com. Thanks.

Alex Bugnon “Love Season” ($2.99)

Caldwell Plus “As We Bop” ($3.99)

Norman Connors “You Are My Starship” ($5.99)

Chick Corea  “Three Quartets” ($4.99)

Stanley Clarke Band “Find Out!” ($2.49)

Stanley Clarke “Hide Away” ($2.49)

Stanley Clarke “If This Bass Could Only Talk” ($9.99)

Stanley Clarke “Time Exposure” ($3.99)

Will Downing “A Dream Fulfilled” ($4.99)

Will Downing “Will Downing” ($4.99)

George Duke “George Duke” ($4.99)

George Duke “Love Mission” 12” single ($2.99)

George Duke “Thief In The Night” ($4.99)

George Duke “6 O’clock” 12” single ($2.99)

George Duke “Love Can Be So Cold” 12” single ($2.99)

Kenny G “Duotones” ($2.49) small, fine, light scratch

Kenny G “G Force” ($2.49)

Kenny G “Live” double album ($5.99)

Jan Garbarek & Keith Jarrett “Belonging” ($8.99) ECM Records

Michael Hedges “Breakfast In The Field” ($4.99) Windham Hill

Dave Holland Quintet “Seeds Of Time” ($8.99) ECM Records

George Howard “Personal” ($3.99)

George Howard “Reflections” ($2.49)

Keith Jarrett “Arbour Zena” ($7.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett “Back Hand” ($5.99)

Keith Jarrett “Byablue” ($5.99)

Keith Jarrett “Concerts” ($8.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett “Concerts” 3 Lp Box Set ($19.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett “Solo Concerts” 3 Lp Box Set ($19.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett “In The Light” double album ($9.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett “Invocations; The Moth And The Flame” dbl album ($9.99) ECM

Keith Jarrett “Nude Ants” double album ($9.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett “Shades” ($5.99)

Keith Jarrett “Staircase” double album ($9.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett “Sun Bear Concerts: Excerpts” ($8.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett “The Survivor’s Suite” ($8.99) ECM Records

Keith Jarrett & Jack De Johnette “Ruta And Daitya” ($8.99) ECM Records

Miles Jaye “Irresistible” ($3.99)

Stanley Jordan "Flying Home" ($4.99)

Hubert Laws, Quincy Jones, Chick Corea “New Earth Sonata Telemann: Suite in A
Minor ($6.99) CBS Masterworks

Eric Marienthal “Voices Of The Heart” ($3.99)

Pat Metheny “Bright Size Life” ($7.99) ECM Records

Pat Metheny “Watercolors” ($7.99) ECM Records

Pat Metheny Group “American Garage” ($7.99) ECM Records

Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Jack De Johnette, “80/81” double album ($8.99) ECM

Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, and Billy Higgins “Rejoicing” ($7.99) ECM Records

Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, Roy Haynes “Question and Answer” ($5.99)

The Kazu Matsui Project “Standing On The Outside” ($2.49)  

Return To Forever “Romantic Warrior” ($2.49)

John Surman “Private City” ($7.99) ECM Records

Eberhard Weber “Fluid Rustle” ($8.99) ECM Records

Eberhard Weber “Little Movements” ($8.99) ECM Records

Tim Weisberg “The Tip Of The Weisberg” (Nautilus Records) $8.99

Note: Again, the more records you purchase the better price I can give you. I have substantially more records than Lp Mailers. I would like to fill the mailers up with records when I send them to you. Email me your selection of 5, 10, 15, 20, (you get my point) records and I will present you an extremely attractive price. Large orders of 45 to 55 records ship incredibly cheap for such a heavy box. I have a 10 page list of late 70's through 1980's R&B, Soul, and Funk records. If you would like a copy send me an email and I will send it to you as an attachment. Please contact me at Vinyl4tubes at yahoo dot com. Thanks.


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