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Bi-amping with the Super Zen (Read 710 times)
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Bi-amping with the Super Zen
03/27/14 at 12:51:12
Has anyone tried to bi-amp using the Super Zen for the mid/midrange and highs and another amp (i.e., Mini-Torii) to feed the low mids and lows?

Theoretically, it seems a good idea, with the best attributes of each amp type being called upon/separated by the speakers' designed passive crossover.

This may also improve the 'oomph' of the combo, as the amps would see less resistance in each case? It would cost less than adding a CSP3 and it would probably work better due to the attributes of the Super Zen's triode-wired, derived midrange?

Evidently, the problem is the need to have double DAC output signals to feed both amps with the same source (maybe through a splitter).

The idea would be to avoid having to use a preamp (and overcrowding the signal path) by using each amp's independent volume controls (both amps in this scenario have built-in preamps).

How much degradation to expect from the splitters is another variable involved.

Just thinking out loud ...
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