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changing capacitor values on ERR (Read 8722 times)
Matthew (was ML)
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Re: changing capacitor values on ERR
Reply #15 - 08/12/14 at 06:12:46
I'm back to 8 ohms R.  
Tried 2x 3,3 cap on each side. Bit deeper.  Nice.

Can't find the 2000 hz issue.  Maybe it is the diver in my ERRs.  I plugged in an old driver from my car and it plays 2000-3000 hz strong and no room issues or interaction with the other ERR.

Tried a .68 bypass (2-5).  It was was super live sounding, cool, but so too bright, harsh, loud in high end that it was overbearing.  

Learning about crossovers.  Found a calculator: http://ccs.exl.info/calc_cr.html

The tweet alone has a nominal impedance of 5 ohm.  If I add a 8  ohm resist should I enter 8 ohms or 5+8=3 ohms into this calculator?

At 8 ohms, if I use 3, it means I can go up to 11,7 u on the cap.  Maybe this why Zygi said I can go to almost 12?  If I use 8 ohms in the calculator, for the resistor alone, then I can only go to 4,4 u to cross at 4500 where the tweet starts to roll off.
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Re: changing capacitor values on ERR
Reply #16 - 08/12/14 at 07:55:03
Sounds like you are getting places toward getting the sound you want.

Best I can figure out you would use the 5 ohm of the tweeter for the crossover calculation since this is what you are putting the cap on to crossover. I think the resistor you use on the way to the caps are before the crossover and function more like a volume control for the crossed tweeter rather than being part of the equation.

When I used the calculator you found, with 5 ohm @ 4500, I got 7.066...5 ohm @ 3000 = 10.6, pretty close to Zygi's estimate. If you tested the two 3.3s and one .68 that would be about 4200, and with two .68s about 4000 right? Could be interesting.

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