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11/14/18 at 13:18:05 


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ZU 103 cartridge and Decware ZP1 stepup? (Read 2451 times)
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ZU 103 cartridge and Decware ZP1 stepup?
03/11/14 at 23:11:50
Got a new ZU Denon 103 cartridge. I have an older Decware ZP1 phono preamp with the variable impedance knob. Which Decware stepup would  best, and how would I "tune" the step  up and preamp knobs.

The nominal output voltage of the Zu/DL-103 Mk.II is 0.3mV and the nominal internal impedance per channel is about 45 ohms.

ZMC1     For low gain MC cartridges  1:20 ratio for use with 3~25 ohm cartridges.

ZMC2     For high gain MC cartridges   1:10 ratio for use with 3~100 ohm cartridges.

ZMC3     For high impedance MC cartridges 1:12 ratio for use with 25~100 ohm cartridges.
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Re: ZU 103 cartridge and Decware ZP1 stepup?
Reply #1 - 03/13/14 at 02:02:22
ZMC2 seems like it covers the spectrum overall better than ZMC1 and to me it also seems like it's better spec'd to use with multiple carts. I've never really understood why ZMC1 exists if ZMC2 covers that whole spectrum?  Possibly someone could elaborate on that.

I'm interested in buying a Rega Apheta Cartridge (I know somebody who is selling one for a really good price with low hours).  His phonostage doesn't load the cartridge properly and he likes his stage and doesn't want to get another one so he's had this cart sitting collecting dust for a few years now.  

The Apheta manual says proper loading is between 50-75 ohms, but I've heard that 25-30 ohm loading is even better, so since it likes low loads I'm just wondering if the ZMC1 would be a better fit.
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