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07/21/19 at 04:16:02 


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ERRX question (Read 1749 times)
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ERRX question
02/17/14 at 05:47:08
I'm looking to move on from my Linn bookshelfs,I'm running 2 tube Manley 175w monoblocks,is this too much power for the ER's? Those speakers look fantastic.
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Re: ERRX question
Reply #1 - 02/17/14 at 12:27:13

Welcome to the forum!

It would be absolutely no problem unless you get stupid with the volume control. Turning the volume knob to 11 will definitely be a problem for the ERRx's. Normal listening, no problem what so ever.

Thanks for the compliment....
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tom collins
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Re: ERRX question
Reply #2 - 02/19/14 at 15:58:44
i have the earlier err version and love them.  they kicked out a 3.5 way dali helicon 800.  i use the torii 3 and can tell you that very few watts are needed, so you will have to be careful, but you will probably love them.
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