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08/19/19 at 19:25:10 


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DM945 vs Zu Omen bookshelf?? (Read 3482 times)
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DM945 vs Zu Omen bookshelf??
02/13/14 at 08:35:39
I just received my DM945 and SE84CKCS and silver reference cables 2 weeks ago and have started to burn them in. Although new , I'm already impressed by what I'm hearing. My source is MHDT Pagoda dac ( 3 volts).

The speakers are still new but I'm impressed with them already. I will hook a sub up to help augment the low bass frequencys and add some more weight to the music. Has anyone compared the DM945s to the Zu Omen bookshelf? I find this Zu speaker to be the closest competitor to our speakers ( similar cap , minimalist crossover, high efficiency, similar price). Zu has a great speaker reputation( as does Decware) so I was just wondering how our DM945s compared to the Zus. I believe the Zus bookshelf are using a higher line ClarityCap MR on the tweeter compared to us, however so far I really like what I'm hearing from the planar ribbon tweeter on the DM945s. Very detailed and smooth yet never harsh and shrill. I've never heard of the Zu bookshelf , so any opinions out there?  

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Re: DM945 vs Zu Omen bookshelf??
Reply #1 - 02/27/16 at 15:55:53
Just checking... Any opinions out there?
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Rachel (SE34I.5) w/ Anniversary Mods
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